Brokers: Make An Extra $10,000 in the Next 12 Months.

Value Connect helps the average broker earn $10,000 more in commissions each year. How do we do that?

1. Fund An Extra 3-4 Deals

The average broker funds 24 deals a year, and we know from experience that they'd fund an extra 3-4 deals if there weren't issues with appraisal reports. You know, things like fee changes, missed deadlines, and out-of-town and inexperienced appraisers completing your reports.

2. Average Commission is $3,000

3-4 deals @ $3,000. LOST. That's a lot of cash that's walking out the back door after you've done all the work to get there. Save yourself the stress and aggravation. Make yourself an extra $10,000 in the process.



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