Discipline, Habits, Hope

I watched a great YouTube video about 10 things that allow people to make a difference in others' lives. Admiral McRaven of the US Navy delivers a great speech. My team at the office loved it -  it's quite motivational and worth your time. Keep reading for some ideas on how to generate more business. 

Business is down for most people in any business that's related to real estate. Mortgage sales representatives, brokers, appraisers, and lenders, they're all feeling the pinch that C-19 has brought to the world. The spring real estate market was crushed by social distancing practices and will likely not get back to "normal" for 12-18 months. Some sales reps, however, are doing quite well. 

Here's a few tips that might help you drive a little more business through your pipeline:

  1. Over 700,000 Canadians and millions of Americans have asked their mortgage lenders to defer at least one mortgage payment. Mortgages are front and centre on most home owners' minds when normally it's one of the last things they want to talk about. There isn't a better time to offer a basic financial and mortgage check-up service to clients (past or new).
  2. Rates are great. There's still lots of people with good jobs out there who own a home that's gone up in value. There's probably an opportunity to help them consolidate debts (credit card and unsecured LOCs) to reduce their interest costs and monthly payments. And while they may not "need" to do anything right now, the best time to get money is when you need it the least. That's gotta be an opportunity if I ever saw one.  

OK, so maybe you're not in mortgage sales. Maybe you're a lender, a realtor, or an appraiser. You can certainly offer other services from the ones described above to drive business. Realtors and appraisers can offer a market update to all their clients, pointing out the opportunities that lay within the information. 

Working from home presents its set of challenges. Things like young kids who seem to want your attention every time you get on the phone or an on-line meeting.  Remember, everyone else is in the same boat and will appreciate your call. They'll understand when they hear you talk to your young child.

Here's the thing: We've been through something similar before and we'll see something similar again. Maybe not as bad as this (unless you were born in the 1920's and remember the Great Depression that followed soon after), but similar nonetheless. Think about the Great Recession, SARS, 9/11, dot.com market crash, AIDS, the real-estate crash of the late 80's and ensuing recession. People got through those. We'll get through this.

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