Value Connect's Anniversary!

Today at Value Connect we’re thrilled to be celebrating of our anniversary!  We’ve enjoyed providing our partners with trusted, compliant and reliable appraisal reports. It’s been fun, exciting and also hard work as we’ve driven our vision from a passion into reality.

We are so thankful to all the brokers, appraisers and lenders who continue to support the growth of Value Connect.   From the day we provided our first appraisal report to our integration with Filogix Expert, we have been focused on saving our partners time and money while providing exceptional experiences.   Thank you as well to our integration partners,  Finastra (Filogix) and MyBrokerBee for their overwhelming support.  One-click ordering from Filogix and myBrokerBee needed to happen and it did.

Looking Back

After funding over $1 billion of mortgages, our Founder & CEO started Value Connect in 2015 with a simple mission: to improve the real estate appraisal process for lenders, mortgage reps, and their clients.

His concern was straight forward: for an industry that’s been around as long as it has, you’d think getting an appraisal would be easy and predictable. The fact is that it was a stressful process mired in constant fee change requests, missed deadlines and inaccurate reports because Appraisal Management Companies regularly dropped the ball.

The only way to improve the industry was to do something about it, and in developing a significantly better appraisal management company, the team at Value Connect created a complete productivity suite. Our smart appraisal system allows lenders to easily manage the entire appraisal process and eliminate the need to deal with AMCs, while meeting regulatory and investor requirements.
Lenders and loan reps love the increased borrower satisfaction and funding ratios that result.

Looking Forward

Of course, standing still is not an option and we continue to build out our partnerships and technology.   Behind it all though, we appreciate your consideration and we look forward to exceeding your expectations well into the future.