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Value Connect is RMG approved!

Value Connect is pleased to announce we support RMG Mortgages. RMG is focused on providing residential mortgages and mortgage servicing products through independent brokers. Operating across Canada, RMG Mortgages offers an alternative to the big banks, credit unions and trust companies by:


- Providing financing options at competitive rates

- Offering a variety of mortgage products for customers to choose from

- Working with a professional network of hundreds of licensed Canadian mortgage brokers


Nationwide, licensed mortgage brokers negotiate with RMG Mortgages on the customer’s behalf to ensure they get the most competitive rates and terms based on their unique needs.

RMG Mortgages is a division of MCAP Financial Corp., one of Canada’s leading independent mortgage financing companies. Operating in two lines of business: residential mortgages and commercial mortgages & development finance, MCAP provides “one stop shopping” for all aspects of real estate lending.Simply order your appraisal through Value Connect’s online portal at https://app.valueconnect.ca/#/login or directly in your Filogix Expert® mortgage application and choose RMG Mortgages. RMG appraisal reports are sent directly to your selected underwriter and qualify for our Money-back Guarantee. 

Ever had an appraisal request through one of the other appraisal networks come back to you a few days later with a request for more money after you told your client the cost? Maybe you've had a report come in late or one that was done by an out-of-town appraiser, resulting in unhappy clients or lower quality reports. Value Connect's money-back guarantee gives you the peace of mind that none of those things will happen. 

Find out why so many mortgage lenders and specialists are making the switch to Value Connect. Order a report here. Contact Value Connect toll-free at 844-383-2473 x4256 or info@valueconnect.ca for more details and to get a copy of our approved lender list

Brokers, Lenders and Appraisers can learn more about Value Connect at www.valueconnect.ai.