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Value Connect is pleased to announce we support Brightpath Capital Corporation, a leading mortgage lender in the Alt-Lending space. Brightpath specializes in mortgages for people who are self-employed, new to the country, or experiencing credit issues.

We’ve never seen so many underwriters scrutinizing reports. They're pushing back about comparable properties, making requests to correct spelling mistakes, and asking for clarification when sentences aren't clear.

Value Connect is pleased to announce we now support Fisgard Asset Management, one of Canada’s leading mortgage lenders in the Alt-Lending space. Fisgard commenced business in 1994 and has grown to become one of Canada’s most respected mortgage investment managers specifically focused on Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs).

One impact COVID-19 is going to have on governments - all levels of government large and small, from municipal to federal governments (and everything in between), will experience deficits in the near-term that will likely carry-on in the months to come. 

Setting and meeting client expectations - that's how you win at sales. We've all heard the phrase: Under promise and over deliver. It's so obvious. It baffles me why so many sales reps don't go out of their way to set expectations and meet them. 

I received a lot of positive and constructive feedback about the video, blog and emails published in the past week. I’ve learned there is a fine line between being succinct and providing all the facts, and hope to clarify what Value Connect is experiencing. Each section can be read on its own, so please feel free to jump to the section addressed...

Social Media isn't for you? Think again ...

It may be hard to believe, but there are people and companies overlooking social media as a powerful marketing tool. To many, social media is a buzzword with no practical advantages and requires a (perceived) complicated learning curve. However, Social Media is known to help grow your brand in many...

As more and more lenders adapt, and innovations like Value Connect's Modified Full-Inspection (ModFI) appraisal report process become widely adopted, it's important to understand the potential positive and negative impacts of reports that don't include a physical interior property inspection.

Transform your appraisal report process